Flavours were born after many tastings

Bún bò huế

Our food is delicious because we combine the best flavours of authentic Vietnamese dishes. The recipes we have created have been tasted and developed time and time again. After many tastings we have successfully created the unique flavour of Little Saigon.

We prepare food that we would eat back home in Vietnam

We create authentic Vietnamese flavours in our restaurant for our homesick Vietnamese and Finnish customers, so that the taste experience is always authentic. We prepare our food the way we would back in Vietnam. That's why we have hunted the most Vietnamese-like ingredients in Finland. We choose our ingredients always with care.

Bún thịt nướng chả giò
Little Saigon logo: Vietnamilainen nainen ajamassa skootteeria

Small piece of our home, Vietnam

Little Saigon kahvila-ravintola

It is important for us to create the Vietnamese atmosphere in our restaurant because we are very far from our beloved home country. We want our customers to always feel at home in our restaurant because we know that our Vietnamese customers miss home as much as we do. Also, we want to offer our Finnish customers the Vietnamese experience and excite them about our culture!

We are located in the shopping center Itis

You can find us between Elixia and KFC. Entrence outside of Itis from Tallinnanaukio. You can get to us easily with metro.

SijaintiSee location from Itis's website

Any questions?

Unfortunately we do not accept table reservations or pre-orders at the moment. You can inquire other manners primarily by email.